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Hello, I’m Lucy Timbrell, a PhD student from the Archaeology of Human Origins Research Group at the University of Liverpool!

I am a palaeoanthropologist from Gloucestershire in South West England, currently living in Rugby. I am fascinated by the evolution of modern human diversity; how and why we look and behave differently from each other and from our hominin ancestors. My PhD research at the University of Liverpool was borne from this interest in relatively recent human evolution, and will involve analysing climatic, geographic and archaeological data to decipher the nature of population dynamics within the earliest Homo sapiens groups in eastern Africa. This is important for developing our understanding of modern human evolution and for moving away from more simplistic theories and methods. For my PhD, I am learning new analytical methods like climatic modelling and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for this project, as well applying complex methods of shape analysis to archaeological materials, a skill I learnt during my masters and undergraduate projects but in the context of human skeletal variation. My PhD is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council – North West Consortium Doctoral Training Partnership, The Leakey Foundation and the Lithic Studies Society. In my free time, I co-organise the University of Liverpool Evolutionary Anthropology Seminar Series, read ALOT, and enjoy practising yoga!

To find the most up-to-date list of my publications, please check out my Google Scholar profile! Here’s a quick overview:

Title Reference
Using the shape of the basicranial portion of the temporal bone to distinguish between relatively closely-related human populationsTimbrell, L. and Plomp, K. (2019). JASR 26(101885)
How to read stone tools: A new mode system for describing variation in the Eastern African lithic record?Timbrell, L. (2020). Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News and Reviews. 29(5): 280–282
Strength in Numbers: Combining Old Datasets to Answer New QuestionsTimbrell, L. (2020). In: New Frontiers in Archaeology
Proceedings of the Cambridge Annual Student Archaeology Conference 2019. Archaeopress
Conversations in Human Evolution: Volume 1Timbrell, L (2020). Archaeopress.

Thanks for supporting me and my project!

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